Author- Nathan Grant 
TRC Pro Staff.

Fishing is a passion for most people I know. It doesn’t matter if it’s raining, just rained, or 100 degrees outside, we want to get out on the water and fish. If you have this kind of passion for fishing, you are also going to fish all different bodies of water, from crystal clear lakes, to muddy rivers and ponds. Today, we are going to talk about muddy water fishing and some of the best baits to use. 

For me, most of the lakes I fished growing up were large crystal-clear lakes. However, some of the rivers I fished were super muddy. To this day I still fish mostly clear lakes, but I also must fish muddy water. I will tell you, the baits used in muddy water are some of my favorite baits to use. At some point, no matter where you are from, eventually you are going to run into some muddy water where you must be prepared to fish, even if it’s not your favorite thing to do. 

My favorite muddy water bait is a crankbait (really, it’s my favorite for any type of water). This is the first bait that I fell in love with as a young fisherman and I still love to this day. Crankbaits come in many different shapes, sizes, depth ranges, and colors. For the purposes of muddy water fishing, I have used most styles and colors. I remember being 14 years old and fishing a super muddy river that ran through our town. I used a black crankbait that would dive about 7 feet deep and I would fish it around downed trees. I absolutely crushed the Bass using this bait and still do, to this day. The most important feature of my crankbait is a rattle. This is essential for fishing muddy water. 

The spinnerbait is another bait I fell in love with at a young age and love to this day. Spinnerbaits come in different types as well, however, with a spinnerbait, the focus is more on the blades. While fishing the clear lakes, I always fished Willow Blades. If I am being honest, I thought those were the only type of blades for a long time and I didn’t fish spinnerbaits in muddy water. I was then introduced to Colorado Blades. I learned about the noise they make and the thump you get and that makes it perfect for muddy water fishing. 

Chatterbaits are a bait that I have gained a lot of confidence with over the years. They are a bait I love to fish in muddy water. Chatterbaits make a lot of noise and move a lot of water. This makes them perfect for muddy water. While fishing muddy waters, I have used many different colors of Chatterbait and many different sizes. I personally like throwing a half ounce Chartreuse and white Chatterbait with a paddle tail trailer. 

These baits are not the only baits to use for muddy water fishing. Many anglers I have spoken with say they love fishing a jig in muddy water. I am still gaining confidence with a jig and I know it is a great option. I have also heard that Buzzbaits can be successful in muddy water. This is not something I have tried, but I have it on my list to check out. The big thing I have learned about muddy water fishing is to fish around cover and use louder baits. Bass will be tight in cover and will not be able to see as well. They will not be looking for food the same way they will in clear water, but they will be attacking based off of the movement and vibration of these baits. 

As anglers, we must always be pushing to get better by fishing new waters and learning new techniques. For me, muddy water fishing is still something I am trying to perfect, and I know the more I do it, the better I will get. Don’t be afraid to push yourself outside your comfort zone. Fish new water, fish new bait, and continue to grow. Don’t let the muddy water scare you. Tight lines, and go catch a big one!  



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