The Fall Transition

The Fall Transition

Fall on Lake Tahoe


Michael Martin 

TRCcovers Pro Staffer 

The summer heat is moving on. Northern states are experiencing winter conditions while the southern part of the country is moving into fall weather. Some people have picked up their boats and headed into the woods for hunting season. Diehards are still hitting the water. As for myself, I fish all year round being the weather here allows me that privilege.

Fall Spinner Baits and Crankbaits

As the temps start the fall, fish begin moving into different patterns. Schooling fish are looking to fatten up. This is one of my favorite times of the year to fish. It allows me to use some of my favorite techniques which are shallow cranks and spinnerbaits. Fishing these lures allow me to cover lots of water which, at least where I live, is a key part of catching during this time of the year. Running the bayous and hitting points that have a little deeper water is my game-plan. 

If you fish big lakes, the fish should be moving into creek channels. Shallow to mid-range cranks on the edges of these creeks can be money. Lipless crankbaits can also produce in these areas also. When throwing these, I like to give a few cranks of the reel and then "hop" the lure around a few times. The fall of a lipless crank usually drives a bass wild. 

Colors are fairly simple as any type of shad pattern will catch fish. Which is why I think this time of year I find it's more on the action of the bait. If I find I am getting short strikes, I can switch to a crankbait with slower speed and a wider wiggle. Or swap to a larger blade on a spinnerbait to slow its speed down while keeping it in area of the water column I want it to be in. 

     Topwater is still an option and can produce many fish as long as the water temps aren't getting too low in your area. Who doesn't like a good topwater bite? Typically I put away a frog and pick up poppers and buzzbaits. These lures still allow me to cover lots of water and can also help show me in the fish are actively feeding or being more lethargic. 

   Cold fronts pushing in this time of the year can also bring some nasty weather. So make sure to keep rain gear and warm clothes with you. I like to carry and extra set of clothes just in case I end up wet. If you are out on the water fishing an incoming front, keep an eye on the weather. Take shelter if needed. We all love to fish but, they aren't worth putting ourselves at risk trying to catch them.

    In closing this time of year can be lots of fun on the water not only with quantities but also quality of fish. If you are one of the the diehards, as always stay safe, keep an eye on the water and try and stay dry. Tight lines! 


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