In order to continue to better align with our mission to best support our customers and our staff, we are simplifying many areas of our business, including the way we manage and interact with our pro-staff. 

In prior years, we have had a "tier format" for our staffers, and while there were many benefits to this, it over complicated the relationship between staffers and our management team. 

To simplify and improve the staffer experience, we are combining all tiers into one pro-staff and offering everyone within the pro-staff the same benefits. 

Below you will find the pro-staff agreements and incentives for 2022. After reading, please fill out the following form. Once your form is submitted, you will receive a follow up email with next steps and a link to the new 2022 TRccovers Pro Staff Group. 


Promotional Staff Deliverables:

* When possible, fish club or regional level tournaments/events or qualifiers with your TRC logo Jersey. For
Content Creators, showcase TRC in your video's, pictures, and or stories on your Social Media Platforms!

* Conduct one organic post on your social media platform every month, tagging or hashtagging TRC covers.

* Examples when doing this look like, “tagging @trccovers and using our main hashtags #trccovers #fishingrodprotection....

* Promote TRC at any given opportunity. Have a TRC logo sticker on your tow vehicle, boat, and/or Kayak.

* Purchase a minimum of $25.00 of TRC product each year.

* Submit your Anglers Profile with Resume/Bio/Current Picture to the NPSD by 1 February

Promotional Staff Incentives:

Receive 25% off all TRC product at TRCcovers.com 


Integrity and reputation are cornerstones of TRC. No Pro-Staff Member will be retained if found misrepresenting our company, our products, features, or functionality. Individual integrity is of equally important. Any member’s in violation of laws, regulations, or found to display inappropriate behavior will be released from this agreement. Members should conduct themselves professionally at all times. Be friendly, respectful, helpful, and honest when representing the company. Members must conduct themselves appropriately when using social media. Be professional and aware that you are representing this company when engaging the public. We DO NOT criticize the competition. We offer a great product handcrafted with care, for optimum performance. There is no need to criticize any other products. Team members may NOT commit the company to any expense, change any materials, or alter presentations without prior approval. Members are asked to solicit, promote, educate, and introduce the TRC Product Offering to; retail shops, anglers and tournament organizations, and social media whenever possible. 


By completing the form below, you acknowledge and agree to the above agreement and code of conduct. Any changes to this agreement, after it is executed, must be presented to both parties and agreed to by all before they take effect. TRC reserves the right to terminate this agreement at any time if it is deemed that the team member has acted in an unprofessional manner, violated any of the performance conditions, other terms of the agreement or has acted in a manner which reflects poorly on the company.   

If you have any questions, concerns, or need assistance please contact our National Pro-Staff Director, Gary Malkin, via Facebook Messenger or Email at prostaff@trccovers.com