Kayak Team

Alan Reed



— I began fishing in 2016 and quickly found it was something I enjoyed. Fishing out of a kayak allowed me to access my local waters and get out where the boats were, rather than being stuck on the bank. It didn’t take long to also find there were tournaments to feed my competitive nature.

I started at the local level winning SIYAK AOY that first year. I am still active as an Admin for SIYAK but I have made the jump to fishing National and Regional tournaments chasing a bigger dream. I am also the co-founder of Hoosier Kayak Bassin. HKB has the intention of spotlighting our local anglers while also providing tips, techniques and insights into all aspects of kayak fishing for bass.

My approach to tournament fishing is if I put the upfront work in, map study, internet research, prefishing etc... Then tournament day is just fishing.

Dustin Murguia


— Dustin Murguia, a.k.a. Dusty Yakker – is a devoted middle-school teacher by day and kayak bass angler enthusiast any other time. Traveling and competing along multiple tournament trials throughout the Midwest with his wife and dog, this multi-state champion loves nothing more than to spread the kayak fishing Gospel. Rooted just outside of Chicago, the grizzled fishing veteran

balances rural sensibility with urban flare while providing informative and entertaining insight via Facebook. “Learn, share and inspire is my general motto...I can only hope it’s working.” Spoken like a true teacher.

Brian Schiller



— I can remember finding fishing as a young boy like it was yesterday. The passion that was ignited then, still burns as strong inside me to this day. I've fished all types of fresh water lakes and rivers across the nation, and into Canada. I feel as if every body of water I find myself on, is a new adventure.

I've fished out of many different vessels, but found my true love to be fishing from a kayak. The passion for kayak fishing has consumed me in more ways than one. The camaraderie amongst my fellow anglers, the connectivity to the water, and the uniqueness of it, has taken me by storm. So much so, I started a daily podcast that revolves around the kayak fishing world. I've dedicated most of my free time to not only fish tournaments, but to help educate the future anglers coming into the sport.

I'm truly humbled by the opportunities that have been given to me to represent such an awesome sport & community. I always look to the future to find ways to keep that same flame that ignited me as a child to be transformed into another person looking to get into the sport of fishing.

Sam Jones



— To say I’m passionate about the outdoors & the sport of bass fishing seems like an understatement. I don’t remember a time in which I wasn’t enthralled by nature and all it had to offer. Ever since I was a little boy, I’ve constantly read, researched, and practiced all the new, and even the old, techniques to expand my knowledge. I live for the pursuit and I feel most at home on the water.

After years of fishing & competing at all different levels, I found kayak fishing and truly fell in love with the sport and the kayak fishing community. My mission now is to help grow the industry and bring more & more anglers to the sport, while also chasing my dreams of competing at the highest level.

I’ve been blessed to be a part of the fishing community and honored to represent some off the best people and brands in the industry. I can only hope that through my platform, I can help others fall in love with the sport in the way I have.