Fishing Stringer (Heavy Duty)

Fishing Stringer (Heavy Duty)

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Stinky Pants Fishing Stringers are made with the highest quality craftsmanship. Made in the USA this stringer is ideal for those larger then average fish anglers go after. A tough fish need tough equipment. The stringers will not knot, fray, ravel or get stuck on teeth or hooks like other stringers. Each 12' stringer comes with a top grade float that connects directly to the wire, which means no pieces to drop or lose.

Taking the fish off the stringer at the end of a long day is slicker than Trout slime. Simply release the stringer from the removable float and drop your days catch in the cooler. There is nothing on the market quicker or easier.

Features and Benefits

  • Polyurethane-reinforced cord
  • Great for Kyakers, Wade fishing or Fish needing a tough stringer.
  • Will not knot, fray, ravel or get stuck 
  • 1-piece heavy duty stainless-steel spike
  • Slick cable to remove fish with a shake from the float end
  • Measures 12ft in length
  • UV-coated