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These Overstock Covers come in various braid and dipped end colors and are randomly picked with each order. If you’re looking to grab a great deal and don't need a specific design, these overstock covers are the way to go!

 These rod covers keep your lines tangle free and your rod protected.  Each rod cover comes with a floating device that offers tip protection and both ends of the cover are dipped in a rubber compound and hardened clear coat to prevent fraying.  

Every TRC cover is labeled with the cover size.  

Style Options: Available in Casting and Spinning

Size options:

XL (7.6'-7.11') | Large (7.0’-7.5’) | Medium (6.6’-6.11’) | Small (6.0’-6.5’)

When ordering your handcrafted TRC cover, you will order the size of your ROD. Example; if your fishing pole is 7ft., you will order a Large rod cover. The cover has already been adjusted for each fishing rod size.  Max Diameter for baitcast rod cover is 1 1/2 inches and Max Diameter for spinning rod cover is 2 1/2 inches.